My style of photography is documentary.  This means unposed and undirected authentic photos of families, couples, individuals, and businesses being real.  It means being a fly on the wall taking photos as you get to be 100% yourself.


Your first thoughts might be: "We're not lovey enough", "I'm not very interesting", "I'm awkward".  But I'm here to challenge you to let go of all your preconceptions of what photos should look like... of what families should look like... of what love should look like. I'm here to remind you that you are enough... exactly as you are. 


Not sure what you want captured?  I challenge you to dig deeper.  What defines you and your relationships?  What brings you joy? How do you spend your day-to-day?  What moments, stories, traditions do you want to remember in the future?  


I invite you to view the photos of life, love, and business above and others' stories but challenge you to continue writing your own.  Still have doubts?  Read past clients' testimonials.  If you want to learn more, explore some of your own stories, or if you're ready to book, reach out


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