posted March 14, 2020

I remember getting to work on a mid-March morning and not long after getting a message from Bre saying baby had arrived.  My best friend was now a mom.  I remember feeling so antsy, I couldn't wait to leave work - as road conditions kept worsening - to meet baby and to capture some of their earliest memories as a family of three.  Finally, I got to meet Cade - less than 24 hours old. I got to witness Cade meet a few of the special people in his life for the first time: his aunts, uncle, grand-parents, and even great grand-parents.  

No pretty baskets, no props, no perfect setting or lighting - just the love and joy of a family welcoming its newest member.  "I just love Janique's pictures so much.  She's the best at making you feel." - Cade's aunt.  Happy birthday Cade, I hope one day you'll be able to look back on these photos and see how loved you are.   



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